(Soma)tic Poetry Workshop


poetry chapbook contest...

(please share with anyone who might be interested, THANKS)

I've been invited to judge the Mad Hatters' poetry chapbook contest. This is the first time I've ever done such a thing, but I can assure you that it will be fair, and that I will read all of the manuscripts.

IT'S VERY IMPORTANT that no one EVER contact ME for information about this contest in order to keep things completely fair. Instead please email the editors with questions at:

Submission guidelines, entry fee, and WHERE to submit can be found at THIS LINK

Thanks so much, and IF YOU ENTER and I don't pick your manuscript I understand you hating me. That sucks.
Most sincerely,

(Soma)tics at JUBILANT THICKET 6/12/11 -- 5pm

(Soma)tic poetry EVENT, 6/12/11 in PHILADELPHIA

On Sunday, June 12th, 2011, at 5pm, The Jubilant Thicket Literary Series presents a celebration of (Soma)tics, featuring a reading & discussion by CAConrad, and films by Courtney Shumway.

CACONRAD is the son of white trash asphyxiation. His childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother & helping her shoplift.

COURTNEY SHUMWAY is a series of movements contained within a female body centered out of nowhere & existing forever tomorrow beside you. They were hungry so she fed them. 8. All at once. She is least relevant in the early morning & highly significant at any other time of day, unless the sun is up. She has gone mad with your waiting & fills herself with things untold. In spite of knowing better, she speaks constantly, resulting in her continued presence & frequent misgivings. She is deeply honored to bear, among other tragedies, the affliction of poet.

Please come. This happens, as ever, at The Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, at 5pm EST.