in Boise, Idaho 11/18/11

Torin Jensen is a poet currently embroiled in a labyrinth of dreams, stage directions, indiscernible voices and the mis-diagnosed desires of the mouth. His blood runs Montanan but he grew up in the great city of Boise, a familiar place that continues to surprise.

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS is a poetry reading series curated by poet Megan Williams that brings together the page, slam, experimental, lyrical, cowboy, etc poets that all live in Idaho yet never seem to be invited to the same readings, connects community-based audiences with a broad range of established and local poets, and connects local and non-local poets by giving them the opportunity to share the stage.

Hyde Park Books is an independently owned and operated new and used bookstore that has delivered mystery, intrigue, and intellectual delight to Boise’s North End neighborhood for twenty-seven years.

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS is made possible by generous funding from the Boise City Department of Arts & History and Boise State University’s Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program.

AND I'M also CONDUCTING A (Soma)tic Poetry Workshop in Boise on the 19th, details at THIS LINK