(Soma)tic Workshops this fall in NYC at St. Mark's Poetry Project!

(Soma)tic Poetry – CAConrad

SaturDAYS AT noon: 10 SESSIONS BEGIN october 11th

In this frantic, routine-driven world we need freedom from regimented poetry writing, and a healthy dose of walking the space between Soma (spirit) and Somatic (body). Using gemstones, trees, and the city itself, we will create deliberate, sustained physical manipulations to generate language to write our poems. Every thing is new every time we embark, and opening our minds to having that freedom in our lives everyday to write poems is what these workshops are about. Poetry is for everyBody, therefore everyBody is welcome! CAConrad's book (Soma)tic Midge (FAUX Press) was written after eating and living with a single color for a day. Poem samples, as well as a link to his monthly (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises can be found HERE.

THERE ARE MANY OTHER WORKSHOPS FOR FALL SEASON. The workshop fee is $350, which includes a one year Sustaining Poetry Project membership and tuition for any and all spring and fall classes. Reservations are required due to limited class space, and payment must be received in advance. Caps on class sizes, if in effect, will be determined by workshop leaders. Please send payment and reservations to:

The Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church
Attn: Workshops
131 East 10th St.
NYC, NY 10003

For more information, or to pay by credit card, please call (212) 674-0910, or email:


All workshops will be held in the Parish Hall at St. Mark's Church on the corner of 10th St. and 2nd Ave.