POETRY / POLITICS / PROXIMITY :: Third Annual Kerry Sherin Wright PROGRAM

Do you know your neighbors? What kinds of lives take place around you?What kinds of noises are there? Have things noticeably changed sinceBush took office?

Please join us at the Kelly Writers House on Thursday, April 27th at7pm, when six writers will read commissioned work about themicroclimate and micropolitics of their neighborhoods, within 100meters. Featuring:

*** CAConrad *** Jamie-Lee Josselyn ***
*** Jenn McCreary ***Jena Osman ***
*** Frank Sherlock ***John Taggart ***
Third Annual Kerry Sherin Wright program.
Thursday, April 27th, 7pm.
Hosted by Josh Schuster and Jessica Lowenthal
[Kelly Writers House is located
at 3805 Locust Walk
on UofPenn Campus,